This might be hard to stomach…

They now have “discovered” the obesity gene, the breast cancer gene, the ADHD gene, diabetes gene, heart disease gene and even a “hangover gene” that predisposes individuals to the symptoms of hangover following a night of hard drinking.


It’s no ones fault but your own.  I may not make any friends with that comment, but the truth is not always easy to take.  It’s a toxic lifestyle that leads to disease!  It’s white sugar, white flour, white milk, medications, sitting on your rear, negative thinking and all the other crap we do to ourselves that makes us sick. 

It’s time we realize the government, drug companies and others involved in “modern” health care have gone completely off course and the only way off this sinking ship is to take your health into your own hands!

Move, think and eat well my friends – its the only way to improve YOU!


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