One of the most powerful of human emotions is fear. The very word conjures negative feelings and brings to mind all the things we are fearful of. While this negative fear is a powerful motivator to more away from what we’re afraid of, it is never liberating – we are always tied back to our fears.

There is, however, a positive side to fear. It is referred to in the Bible as “the fear of the Lord”. It is respectful fear. You can change negative fears into positive ones simply by changing your perception of what you’re afraid of.

If you are afraid of spiders, as I am, you can begin to adopt an attitude of respect for them. Get a book and read about them. Go to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver and hold Rosie the tarantula. If you’re afraid of losing something extremely special to you, use your fear as a catalyst to make necessary changes in your life to hold on to it!

Dwelling on your fears will only bring that which you are afraid of to you that much more quickly. Respect your fears and grow through them.


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